About me

With over two decades' experience in my practice, I know there are secrets to happiness that we all can apply to our lives.

I have learned so much from my patients, through research, and my own life and my main goal is to pass this on to you, and I am looking forward meeting you in my practice and working with you.

Being a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, I have been registered with the Health Professions Council since 1990.

Practice No. 8617589 Reg. No. PS002954

Member of the following professional Boards:

My qualifications include: Bachelor of Arts, Higher Education Diploma, Honours Bachelor of Arts Clin Psych (Clinical Psychology), Master of Arts Clin Psych (Clinical Psychology).

I did my internship in Clinical Psychology at Weskoppies Mental Hospital (1990) and stayed on at the hospital until 1993. I worked as a Senior Psychologist and acting head of the Child and Adolescent Unit. During this internship I was also placed at the Adult and Psychiatry unit. This internship also included working at Kalafong State Hospital and Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

In addition to being in private practice for twenty years, I worked in hospital and clinic settings. I have extensive forensic experience, compiling reports and testifying in custody and sexual molestation cases.

For me, being a Clinical Psychologist is challenging, exciting as well as complex, but most of all, it’s all about connecting with people and growing with them and seeing a positive difference in their lives.

I enjoy working with people in general and the study of behaviour is still fascinating to me.

I strive to motivate and support people to become more confident, happy and successful in their lives and relationships.

Working together, we can identify specific goals and develop a regimè to realize these goals by changing dysfunctional thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we aren't really living.

Gail Sheehy